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RE: Pre- eminent STO Development Company

@Lana-Flame said in Pre- eminent STO Development Company:

How is STO different from ICO?

Security token offering vs a utility token offering.

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RE: Let`s get acquainted!

Welcome to the forum @AlexSouth. I'm a trader and investor, what have you built?

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RE: Altcoins Vs Bitcoin

Is there a prediction market for this on Augur? If so, do you have the market id?

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Will price of Ethereum exceed $500 at the end of 2018?

The wisdom of the crowd predicts that there's roughly a 72% chance of ethereum being above $500 by the end of 2018.

It seems that if you sell shares on this market, you'd effectively be shorting ethereum. If you buy shares, you'd effectively be going long. However, shouldn't a long position cost more of a premium since you're betting in ethereum?


Buy 10 shares at .72 per share = 7.2 ETH @ 460 = $3,312
If you won, you'd receive 10 ETH @ 500 = $5,000 (rather than just 2.8 ETH @ 460 since the price of ETH went up).

Given this, shouldn't more people buy YES shares?

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RE: Modified Token Curated Registries

@Samuele How would sybil attacks be addressed if we did a hybrid model?

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Zombie Battleground from Loom Network is having a kickstarter

Zombie Battleground is an upcoming video games based on the Loom Network (and developed by the Loom team). Also, they are funding their game on kickstarter.

This project is advertised as the first mainstream blockchain game. It will launch on android and IOS.

What is really interesting about this game is the tech behind it. Loom Network is a sidechain built on Ethereum. The sidechain will operate on DPoS (delegated proof-of-stake) similarly to EOS. This means transactions will have the speed of DPoS and the security of Ethereum.

Thanks to this tech, the game will allow players to have full ownership of their cards. They can sell, buy, trade or even create their own marketplace. The creators of the game cannot do a single thing to stop them.

Personally, I find this initiative very cool. I am excited to see blockchain creeping into the mainstream and witness the new solutions to Ethereum's scalability problems.

I've recently launched the Zombie Battleground subreddit.
And also a community wiki for the game.

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RE: Functional programming and blockchain - yay or nay?

@timmarsh I'm still learning about it. But the idea is that you can write mathematical proofs about the possibles states of the program, thus making it making sure 100% that certain unwanted states cannot occur.

How these proofs are made...I don't know yet. It's a really deep subject that I'm just beginning to learn about.

But at least that's the promise. For instance, Rchain specifically mention the DAO hack as being avoidable thanks to their programming language.

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