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RE: Functional programming and blockchain - yay or nay?

Interesting read, @Samuele. Thanks for the post. I'm also a 'noob' when it comes to Lambda calc, Rho calc, and other stuff like this.

As you said, its complexity might be contributing to its unpopularity, though I think those who try to tackle this will be heavily rewarded. Like most things in life, the majority of the population looks for the easy way. Those who take the time to learn and do what others aren't willing to will find a tremendous avenue of opportunity. I think you should continue seeking out learning resources and try to become an expert in this area. It sounds like you have the drive, background, and inherent interest to make it happen.

There are already a lot of confusing things that people don't understand when it comes to blockchain technology. I don't think one more feature being adopted (functional programming), will be a dealbreaker. In fact, it seems to be a good fit for that reason.

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RE: Cryptocurrency Audit


Not a problem. I'll shoot you a PM. 👍

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RE: 30 Second Altcoin Summaries

Cortex (CTXC)

Market Cap: $193 million (#79 on CMC)

Cortex a relatively-new Chinese project looking to build a machine learning platform that can tackle major computational activities like the ones required by AI. Cortex hopes to upgrade the capacity of smart contracts by adding AI to them. Its platform will serve as a place where users can upload and share AI models, as well as create AI dapps based on those models.

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RE: Cryptocurrency Audit

@ingram said in Cryptocurrency Audit:

...this particular project doesn't come near providing the types of solutions I seek.

If you have the time, I'd be interested in discussing those solutions in a bit more detail. What do you say? 🙂

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RE: ICO Reviewers

@ingram said in ICO Reviewers:

I would love to participate in this project [good work @AfriDylan!] but I don't have enough technical know-how to undertake such a complex task. These are the times when I wished I'd started my blockchain journey way, way before now.

Better now than never. You won't develop the know-how without trying... plus, you'll still be way in front of most people. Blockchain is new. Now's the time!

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RE: Understanding the Blockchain

@azharuddin Do you have any blockchain development experience?

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RE: Blockchain Educators

I've seen large courses/followings out there, but most are focused on trading/investing at this moment. It would be cool to cover blockchain technology as a whole and help ease more thinkers and producers into the space. The intimidation factor is definitely real when it comes to blockchain/cryptocurrency right now, and I think this is even more prevalent in the older crowd who didn't grow up with modern tech products.

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ICO Reviewers

Anyone have past or present ICO research they've recorded? These could be written form or in a database/spreadsheet, but preferably thorough, organized, and unbiased.

If so, please post below with details.

I'd like to explore the possibility of building a high-quality (and possibly personalized) public blockchain project review service with other forum members. This would likely be similar to what has been discussed by @Ingram, @Coin_Raven, @Flodner, @timmarsh, @trailblazer, and myself in this thread:

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RE: What's In Your [Crypto] Wallet?

Anyone else? Surely there are more crypto investors out there. . . what are your current positions?

@william-Villalobos @mariagill @hendry999 @haizan @zakepaul @remzine @rajib1 @fawazshak @highbekay @ah78600 @davidsmith @Ansi-Si ?...

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RE: Modified Token Curated Registries

@afridylan said in Modified Token Curated Registries:

@admin said in Modified Token Curated Registries:

A token curated registry allows you to curate quality content with the use of a token and some game theory.

The game theory goes as follows:

  • User who wants to post has to stake a certain amount of tokens
  • If the user is not challenged their content is accepted into the network (i.e. a post is not deleted).
  • If a user is challenged, the challenger must stake tokens. Other users can then vote on who should win the challenge by staking tokens on either side. The winner side receives the losing side's stake.

Here's a more technical overview.

Some more articles

What are your thoughts on applying this concept to the forum?

Will have to look into this a little bit closer.. but it sounds interesting.
What would users be "challenging" each other on the basis of? And would this be a forum-based token or some other entity?

May have found the answer to one of these questions:

"an intrinsic token to assign curation rights proportional to the relative token weight of entities holding the token."

All posts (listings) would need to be approved to be added to the registry (forum) then?

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