My sweet and bitter experience about bitcoin

I started my cryptocurrency journey around July 2017. I bought some altcoins; verge; dodge, Xrp Siacoin on Bittrex and left some on bitcoin. It was a roller coaster for me around November to December 2017, particularly with verge, my crypo investment of just about $120 grew to a little bit over $3,000. I never new on time until I opened my bittrex. It was wao!

I took out some money since I was in need about $1000. With the euphoria of bitcoin suppasing $20,000, so I watched until my investment shrinked from about $2000 to $1500, then $1000, I decided to take out some little more until I had about $800 left.

That amount have shrinked further to about $450. The worst came when I took a third of the amount to buy Mithril coin when the news came that it won a vote to be listed on binance, and suddenly it was disqualified, and the price have falling like packs of cards, more than 50% right now.

Its a question of if I had known, I would have withdrawn the $3000 the moment I saw it on my bittrex account. Who can tell the future?

But I am wiser now.

Does anyone have similar experience

Wow, during trading it is dangerous to be greedy. Something similar happened to me, but with much smaller amounts, but I learned my lesson. While it is true you never know when it is the right time to go out or enter into an exchange but you have to have expertise and luck to get the best possible position.

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