For those who play games online, you have probably played a lot and you will probably agree that online gaming is very addictive and can turn out to be very profitable if you are good at it. Nevertheless, as an online gamer, if you are still adhering to traditional gaming options, you are losing out on the new age gaming trends available with Ethereum.

Dice, a game that certainly not the most widespread casino table games but they still have a special place in the heart of many casino players the world. Casino dice games may be limited in number, but they can actually provide an entertaining online casino experience. There are casino dice games that stand out above all the others. The Sic Bo which means “dice pair” in Chinese and this game is incredibly old. It was originally played with wooden blocks and most land-based casinos that have at least one table, and many top casino sites carry one version of the game. However, it is a dice game where you can be found commonly across the internet.

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