Why Bitcoin (BTC) Bulls Foresee A Bullish Run In November?

In recent months, Bitcoin (BTC) price has been dangling around USD 6,000 and USD 7,000. As it is, everyone but bullish whales are getting used to it. Well, it’s quite understandable given that the whales want to see BTC spike astronomically. That way, they can go smiling to the bank. Indeed, theirs is no wishful thinking. That’s because there could be some serious running around the corner.


The thing is, the New York Stock Exchange’s parent company, International Exchange (ICE), is rolling out another Bitcoin ETF on November 5th. Recall that in July, ICE disclosed that it would unveil a cryptocurrency platform, Bakkt. ICE noted that the platform would launch in collaboration with the software giant, Microsoft, and the coffee megachain, Starbucks.

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