Looking for Blockchain experts

We are on the lookout for experts in all things related to Blockchain. If you or someone you know is an expert in anything related to Blockchain please send a resume via private message or to our email [email protected]. We are doing big things in the game, if you think you are qualified alongside a resume please detail what makes you a "expert". We look forward to hearing from you.


Hi, maybe some of the people you're looking for could be at this event. It's about the potential of layer-1 scaling solutions, and may have the experts you're looking for:


Hope this helps,


Development and deployment of Blockchain application is an iterative process. KrypCore which is designed by Krypc, to support this by allowing the users to quickly redefine the parameters and structures of a process multiple times until the desired results are achieved and proven to all the participants of the network.

You can check on the krypc website about them, as they are one of the leading blockchain experts in the field.

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