Bitcoin & 26 CryptoCurrencies USED As a Payment For LAND [Norway]!

This just made my day.

Cryptocurrency is the future.

Investors from 28 Countries Own Land in Norway’s “Private City” Liberstad

More than 100 people have bought land plots in the “private city” of Liberstad, Southern Norway. Its founders accept 27 cryptocurrencies. Deals have been sealed already with future residents from Brazil, Sweden and the UK, among other countries. They should be able to move in within two years.

Now, isn't that just interesting?

People are seeing how profitable and less stressful it is to transact using cryptos.

wow, that is a great news. Yes cryptocurrency will lead in future.

I wish I live in Norway!!

Great news..Cryptocurrency is the future.

This post is deleted!

Every country should follow norway

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