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We present you a service for arbitration cryptocurrency

With the help of our bot, you can earn dozens of bitcoins per month with minimal risks. We will teach how to do it, and tell you about all the intricacies of arbitration. At your disposal absolutely any coins and exchanges, instant notifications and a fully customizable admin panel.

Our team is registered in London, but works with clients all over the world.
Information about us you can find on the official website of BibitBot. We are confident in the quality of our product, which means we do not strive for anonymity.
The site has feedback from our customers who have learned how to earn money and are ready to share their experience. For authenticity, we attached a video from the phone screen of one of them. At the arbitration of just one coin, our client managed to earn 1 BTC per day. And this is not a fake, because the video from the phone can not be faked.


Many do not understand the essence of arbitration between exchanges: they invent non-existent problems and cannot earn. For this, we have implemented a special training program. It is profitable for us to make money on our customers. Therefore, we are ready to share knowledge and reveal the secrets of arbitration. Here we will regularly publish some of them, talk about bot chips and show the results of our clients. If you want to make money in the crypt market, which will grow hundreds of times in the next few years, buy BibitBot. Follow the news of the bot here.

BibitBot - fully customizable

You must agree with us that the service interface and other parameters play a role in the process of working with it. All this is individual, so we tried to make the service as flexible and convenient for each client as possible.

There are 15 parameters at your disposal that you can easily configure in the admin panel. Connect any coins, stock exchanges, binding, which will receive notifications, their frequency, patterns, etc., that will be needed for comfortable trading. You can also add emoji, not to miss messages on the most interesting for you currencies.

Initially selected coins and stock exchanges, as well as other parameters, can be replaced with another at any time. All this is free and is done in a few minutes without any additional contact with the support. We take into account the preferences of each client and make our service even more convenient and efficient.
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Today we will talk about the choice of exchanges for arbitration.

First make sure that the exchange is non-scam. There are situations when withdrawal is temporarily limited, for example, due to technical problems. So, if your exchange is reliable, then the withdrawal is sure to open, and you should not panic. Just continue to arbitrate and wait for the output to improve. At such moments there are many “holes”, so this is the time for arbitration.
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Look at the trading volume on the exchanges -
This is one of the criteria for the reliability of the trading platform.

And finally, the most important thing is the commission. They are individual for each coin and exchange, and besides, they often change. To find out the size of the commission, go to the “balance” section of the exchange and next to the coin of interest, click on “withdrawal”.

BibitBot does not put restrictions when choosing coins and exchanges. You can add any, appreciating its benefits. Subsequently, it can be easily replaced in the admin panel of our service!

How to choose coins for trade? +

If you decide to make money on arbitration, you will inevitably run into the problem of choosing a coin. Today there are 2,000. How to choose the one? And what to look for?

BibitBot works with any coin. And this is a real find, because in addition to making money on arbitration, you can invest in ICO and add a coin to the bot as soon as it is clogged. Search and buy coins, behind which is a promising product with public creators. Such currencies will not exactly be a bench, and you can beat them up for a long time at their arbitration. The arsenal of standard bots includes no more than 20 coins, from which it is not necessary to choose. 2000 vs. 20 - the choice in favor of BibitBot is obvious.

Another criterion is exchange commissions for withdrawal. Remember that their size is different for all currencies. Start from your budget. With a small capital, pay attention to small coins: many of them make X very well, and the commission for withdrawal does not exceed a couple of cents.

These are the basics that everyone should know. In the training program, we tell our clients other, more in-depth criteria for choosing a coin and ways to increase profit. Purchase a rate for 0.06 or 0.22 BTC, and we will teach you all the intricacies of arbitration.
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Warranty for our potential customers.

The most important thing in working with cryptocurrency is security. With BibitBot you can be sure that your money will remain in perfect order and you will receive the product, even paying for cryptocurrency. What are the guarantees? We understand in order.
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BibitBot is a non-automated service. This means that all transactions are made only by you. A bot monitors the rate of coins around the clock and sends thousands of notifications to your Telegram. Of these, you choose the most relevant, go to the recommended exchange service, buy on one, sell on the other. BibitBot does not have access to your accounts on the stock exchanges and does not see the balance, which means it can in no way become a scammer’s tool for withdrawing funds. You independently conduct all transactions, thereby preserving the confidentiality of data.

The process of payment of tariffs is completely safe. It passes through the payment system of the guarantor. Money will not be transferred until you confirm receipt of the working version of the product. Making money with BibitBot is not only safe, but also effective. Complete our training program and learn how to raise to arbitration up to 10 BTC per month.

BibitBot is relevant not only for arbitration. How useful is the service for other ways of earning?

We invest in ICO and add a coin to the bot

You deposited money in ICO and received tokens - shares. What's next? First, you can sell your tokens in a crypto-exchange. Secondly, you can add a coin to BibitBot and make money on it until you decide to sell. Our service even works with those currencies that have only been leaked on the exchange.
If tokens have fallen in price, it does not mean that you have lost everything. For a couple of months on the arbitration of the coin, you will beat off all the costs for the purchase of tokens of substandard companies.
We keep the coin even if the course on it steadily falls

HODL - Hold on to dear life, which translated from English means "hold on with your last strength." The method is clearly not for the faint of heart, although some will like it. Especially since the coin can be simply added to the bot - it will definitely make 2-3 X. Wait until the currency grows to the value you need, while earning on arbitration between the exchanges.

And these are just a few ways to flexibly use BibitBot. Buy a subscription and learn to earn more than you can imagine.

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How to start arbitrage with a minimum budget?

We are often asked what budget to take on arbitration. We answer: “$ 150,” and are shocked by this skeptics. Yes. Just a couple of hundred dollars, not thousands. How to do it? Chase coins with a minimum commission when making deals.

The percentage of withdrawal of each coin and exchange varies. In the tutorial we describe in detail how to choose a coin for arbitration and what to do next. Within a few days, you can not only recoup the cost of a subscription, but also multiply the initial capital several times.

Buy a bot and receive as a gift personalized trading training from our managers.
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Another result of our client.

We are very glad that we helped us to learn from scratch and earn our client. Here is his review and screen showing the results. What are you waiting for?

The client started with the tariff for 0.06BTC with training, now he switched to the tariff 0.22BTC with advanced training. We wish him good luck, and we are glad that we have a satisfied customer.

Is it possible to make money in a falling market?

Of course, yes, if you choose arbitration between exchanges. When the whole market is red, many people start to merge everything that they have in a panic. Do not repeat this error.
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The currency in which you invested flies to the bottom, but do you know what else it will give X? Fine. Do the arbitration calmly and wait for the pampas. In a falling market, it is realistic to recapture 3-10% of your capital. This is not so much in comparison with other days, but nevertheless you are still in the black and definitely will not suffer losses.

The example with the coin Dash, which grew in 4 days by 50%. Our bot will help you earn not only on the growth of coins, but also on their fall.

What is BibitBot and what is it for? is a service for arbitration between exchanges. You do not have to track the course of coins on different exchanges manually, to buy cheaply on one, and then profitably sell it on another. Every 4 seconds it is done by the bot, and then it sends such notifications to your Telegram. There is no need to download other programs. In the messages of the bot we see the volume of currencies, the percentage difference in the course and the exchange, where it is more profitable to buy and sell. Go to the exchange and close the deal. And yes, a small index does not mean a small profit. You can get rid of the coin 20 times a day, and then from 2% it will turn out already 40%.
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Only our service allows you to select any currency in the world and exchange for tracking. In the admin panel, you can change them: delete, connect new ones and return old ones. Everything is free and easy. In the same place we fully customize notifications: frequency, design, percentages, add emodji.

Tariffs differ in the number of coins and exchanges with which you can work simultaneously. For example, with the tariff for 0.04 BTC, the bot will monitor only 3 coins, and in the tariff for 0.06 BTC already 4. By the way, complete with it is free training for arbitration. This, too, no one service for trading crypt.

Payment passes through the guarantor: You confirm receipt of the product - and only after that the money is transferred to us. This is a guarantee of reliability. In addition, our bot is non-automatic: all transactions are made only by you. The service does not have access to the user's wallet on the exchange and will definitely not be able to steal money. Subscribe to our Twitter and Telegram and get free access to BibitBot for one day. Say at once in the trial version you will not get full access to the admin panel, but you can personally see how the service works and what it is.

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Free training for all our customers

To minimize the risks in the trade of our clients, we have developed a special training program. It is free and comes with tariffs for 0.06 BTC and 0.22 BTC.

The first training option includes:
Access to professional chat
Communication with a personal assistant
Personal tasks
Regular arbitration tips, charts and tables
Video lessons with assignments
Analysis of more than 50 possible cases when making deals
The story of our experience in trade
And a lot of the rest

Thanks to this knowledge and our bot, you can safely earn a couple of dozen bitcoins.
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In the second, the expanded version of the training, in addition to the points above, includes a detailed analysis of trade and the opportunity to earn more:
Check sheets and screen recording, how to increase profits from the same transactions
Help in choosing coins for arbitration
Online display, as with a normal online transaction, we increase profits x2. For example, a bot shows a difference of 2%, and we earn 4%
Professional advice, for example, where to keep the cue ball, and where altcoins, as well as how to trade in a given market situation and much more.
Secret trading chips, which make the main income in arbitration, do not cover them in the public domain.

The cost of such training separately exceeds $ 3,000 and $ 50,000, respectively. But here you get it for free with the purchase of a bot for only 0.06 or 0.22 BTC services. Payment passes through the guarantor: the money will be transferred only after you confirm receipt of the product. Now for your convenience, we enter into an agreement with PayPal, so that you can easily pay the fare by credit card. We are often asked why we train, if we can offer only ready-made service?

The answer is simple. We are focused on long-term cooperation and we do everything to ensure that customers choose us again and again.

My experience in choice of the best software for the work is not too small. When I started to work with cryptocurrencies of different types, the first question was how to simplify my work. And I found 3commas. After it I tried several different ones, but returned to the mentioned one all the time.

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