How cryptocurrency industry and blockchain will evolve in 2019?

Many out there are having a big excitement about how cryptocurrency industry will be in 2019 and beyond too? and alose exciting about whether the blockchain industry could evolve in to multiple level in the upcoming year or not? The following article discuss about the complete predictions and trends that could raise in 2019 also predicts the price of bitcoin. check it here Cryptocurrency Trends 2019

We could declare that the last two year of cryptocurrency were brought up a massive growth and were successful years so far. Industry leaders predict that 2019 will be the year of action. Yes, the year 2018, and the previous year 2017 were phenomenon years, in which we have experienced a lot of changes, lot of regulations, a lot of banning, a lot of hackings, a bunch of new cryptocurrencies arrival and most notably the success of ICO ’s.

Apart from the above everything bitcoin price were surged to $10000 for the first time. It is unbelievable! Yep!! No one has expected that the bitcoin price would touch such a great price.

I hope that it will be


The Growth of Blockchain Technology in many countries can only be accepted by data proofs because they are enormous.

In fact, a high-profile EU Blockchain initiative, the EU Blockchain Observatory Forum, was launched by the European Commission in February this year, with most comprehensive repositories of Blockchain experience and expertise.

Also, in Germany, most citizens believe that investing in Blockchain Technology is one of the preferred investments.

In Holland, Blockchain has recently come to force industries out in the Dutch context such that a major National Blockchain Research agenda had to be commissioned earlier in June 2018.

And lastly in South Africa, the first Bitcoin ATM was recently installed for crypto users to appreciate the beauty of the blockchain market.
With those established, today, I shall be using a live case study and data on the Growth of Blockchain Technology.
From this study, I will feature what different tech-prenuers, crypto-millionaires think of the Blockchain technology, and the many Fintech industries and countries getting involved in 2018.

Let’s hack in because 2019 is a great year for it.

Those trends seems to be reasonable, especially when you take everything into account. It's exciting how blockchain technology is changing the world. Good to see Dash in that Top 10 ranking, that crypto is really valuable for me and it seemed for me like it's forgotten by many people. But i see one more trend that will be propelling for cryptoworld community - introducing crypto solutions into real world. Going back to Dash, recently i've discovered FuturoCoin - cryptocurrency which code is an extended version of Dash's code - thanks to that, they have an access to new solutions and upgrades, created by Dash society. FTO Team is trying to translate modern, blockchain-based solutions (that are often too complicated for normal people to understand) into real life, and going by this example - they have 2 restaurants in Europe, where you can pay for your order with cryptocurrency. Recently they became sponsor of Formula 1 Red Bull Team Racing as first ever cryptocurrency company which sponsors F1. And now they are conquering new exchanges like BitForex.

All in all 2019 will be better than 2018 i guess. But the best is still far ahead from us. Have some patience - that's my advice for you guys.

The growth of blockchain technolgy are increasing day by day.. it shows that it evolves around the cryptocurrency technology...

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