Hi Community,

Over the course of a year, we noticed that many people in the community shared similar sentiments that we had been feeling for quite some time. This is an inconvenience we’re sure everyone in the crypto space has faced - the difficulty and inefficiency of moving between crypto and fiat.

We, along with so many of you, understand the tedious process of going through several crypto exchanges and converting fiat currencies, paying piles of fees, just to buy your favorite token. It is for this reason, with the hope to solve this problem, we created Coinected.io - a localbitcoins for GNO, a peer-to-peer marketplace for cryptocurrencies allowing anybody, anywhere in the world to buy and sell a wide range of cryptos directly with their local fiat currency.

=== How Does It Work ===

Simply put, Coinected.io is a marketplace and an escrow service. As we stated above, we want to allow fellow crypto lovers to post and search offers to buy/sell cryptocurrency with their local fiat. The escrow that lies at the heart of our platform is a smart contract on the Ethereum blockchain. It securely locks the coins during the trade, making sure that the transaction is 100% safe, so that neither the buyer nor the seller are able to run off with the coins. These kind of solutions are not only beneficial for the existing community, but are a necessity to achieve substantial cryptocurrency adoption among more casual users.

=== How Does It Help ===

We try to make things as convenient and safe for you by allowing the use of any payment method (even a face to face cash exchange, as long as your trading partner is willing to accept it). Thanks to the smart contract, we don't need to hold your coins and you are in full control of your private keys and your wallet. There is also no need for you to have a bank account nor credit card to buy or sell cryptocurrencies.

=== Why It Matters ===

As of right now, we have released an alpha version of our dream, which already supports Ethereum and 50+ ERC20 tokens. Overtime, we plan to add other blockchain protocols and cryptocurrencies. The trading functionality starts in a few weeks. So, for early adopters, feel free to post your offers now and enjoy free trading.

We are more than thrilled to be sharing this solution with you all, as we believe more than anything else, this is an exciting opportunity to truly help, change, and improve the way we all exchange crypto! We are constantly itching to develop and grow according to the community’s needs, so join us on our Coinected journey to help better connect our fellow coin enthusiasts, all across the world!

Stay Coinected & Join Our Journey Now