Are their coins that you can still profit from?


I have been thinking of investing in Cryptocurrencies,but I think I am too late to get in to really make any real money as the boom seems to have already passed on most coins and the prices have seemed to go down on most. Are there any coins that I should be looking at that are still of value for my money?

XRP. and ETH
I bet you will be millioniare

@shanzida XRP!!! How can you say that?

@arrana you should see this

I will check this out. but see markets carefully. predictions can go wrong

I bought some ETH at the end of March when the price was at about 400 and have seen an increase in the last month. I hope it keeps going up from here.

@turkey geez. I was lucky I bought some in 332! back in march

There are some risks with investing capital in the Cryptocurrencies market place, but careful market research practice can bring some good result at the end.Thanks @shanzida for letting us know about the link. Before investing any money you should have enough data regarding this field.

Nobody can predict, but the clues are there, transnational speed has to a prerequisite, also keep checking Industry leaders and have fun on the journey, theis is the Digital Gold Rush!

@arrana said in Are their coins that you can still profit from?:

I was lucky I bought some in 332!

Lol. Market rises a lot. see where it goes

his is a million dollar question and nobody can answer you with 100% certainty. If you go through this forum you'll find out that so many people asked the similar questions (same context) hoping someone can guide them or provide the "Best" answer!

@sarahmullen said in Are their coins that you can still profit from?:

answer you with 100% certainty

Buy some ETH. it will bring fortune

Actually, it's very difficult to say which coins are the best for an investment now. The reality is that nobody knows as each coin has its owns pros and cons.

In fact, this question is not about the best coin, this is about how much do you know about different cryptos and theirs pros and cons.

Okay, let's come to the point. Are you a daring risk taker? Do you have the guts and time to monitor coins each day — buying low and selling high? Then you may find maximum profit in day trading volatile coins.

Or, are you a level-headed, long term investor? Do you want to buy and hold it for life? Then go with an established coin with an excellent Brain Trust. A digital asset led be people who want to grow their organization, see it flourish, and create long term value for everyone. Examples include Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Ripple (XRP).

BTC are on the rise. do some research on hopefully you will get some more ideas to buy.

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