Is XLM the best thing right now?

I think that XLM is the way to go right now. It was up to 91 cents, and I thought about selling, but decided to wait for it to hit $1.00. It plummeted, and I was a bit distraught, but it is back on the rise. When it got down to 18 cents, I bought more, because I really believe in it. As of this writing it is back up to $0.45. It has a great team, and large corporations like IBM are employing it. Like anything in crypto, there is a risk, but I really don't think you can go wrong with Stellar as long as you are willing to be in for the long haul. What are your thoughts?

There’s a fundamental factor in play here, however, and it’s one that could shift this coin into a higher gear and – in doing so – leave the $0.85 highs in the rearview mirror.

@shanzida What's the factor?

@elliot What I believe What all this means is that not only have we got a currency that’s undervalued as compares to its value this time just a couple of weeks ago (assuming that the dip in valuation is rooted in the wider cryptocurrency market correction) but we’ve also got a coin that is making fundamental and operational strides towards commercial integration.

Technical analysis is one thing as it drives short-term speculative volume but enterprise integration is what these companies are really looking for and Stellar is offering investors just that.

When you combine both of these factors, it highlights the incredible near and long-term opportunity in an exposure picked up at current prices.

I think Stellar is (XLM) a safer bet than Ripple (XRP).

@arrana Please provide justifications behind your reasoning.

Yes. I am betting on SDEX, remittance businesses, CBDCs and ICOs using Stellar network i.e. XLM.

Private banks will probably be the last to use cryptocurrencies. They wouldn't touch it until these new technologies are tried, tested and regulated.

@arrana good to know

Right now, Stellar transactions settle in a matter of seconds (the company states that it’s somewhere between two and five seconds as things stand), making it an ideal cryptocurrency settlement asset for Stripe’s customers.

@sarahmullen alt text

@nicolaortiz wow it's growing! let's see the stability

Yes and Yes it is going to the moon, maybe not to the same price as ripple but it's considered XLM a good competition to ripple and will grow as soon as industries adopt the stellar technology.

Is it going to be like Ripple? Maybe yes maybe no. But one thing is for sure. It’s going up.

Well definitely it will go like Ripple cause Xlm is developed by one of the co- founder of Ripple and it has a better feature than xrp

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