Which is your favourite cryptocurrency and why?

So, I want to know if you have a preference for trading only a specific cryptocurrency and why you think its better than the rest?

I will vote for Monero. Monero is not on my list just because of this last insane price rise. This blockchain has a lot going for it. safe, secure, private. You can't see the contents of someones's wallet.

In my opinion, there is always something hot in the cryptocurrency markets.


They have good branding, its open source, decentralised, has the simple goal of privacy and the FBI can't trace it.

@jedida what are your current favs?

@arrana Monero is definitely one of my favourites due to the fact that it basically focuses on privacy and decentralization. On top of that, it easily runs on Windows. Another bunch of my favourites include Cordana, Iota and Ripple and Dogecoin as well. These too have super amazing possibilities.

@jedida Yes I learn about it from another thread and I am into it

@arrana share this with me

Ethereum is my fav Cryptocurrency as it promises a lot! From 10 cents to 20 dollars for 1 eth coin is also quite a rise. A huge amount of money is invested, and there's a great number of bright minds working for Ethereum Foundation. It's still in early development, who knows where the smart contracts can lead us!

@mk-hasan said in Which is your favourite cryptocurrency and why?:

where the smart contracts can lead us!

To fully avoid relying on the credible threat of enforcement by a central authority, smart contracts rely on the irreversibility of transactions and “pseudonymity” of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. Substituting a credit card for a Bitcoin wallet in the above example, I could still petition to have the charge reversed. And, aware of the library’s identity, I could still in theory sue them to get my money back. While smart contracts could exist before blockchains, this new technology vastly increases their significance.

@shanzida said in Which is your favourite cryptocurrency and why?:

Substituting a credit card for a Bitcoin wallet

At the heart of the Bitcoin system is the idea of a transaction: at its simplest, this is a transfer of value from one Bitcoin user to another—in essence a credit transfer.

Close my eyes and see ETH there!

Factoms is my favorite crytocurrency cause it can rid the countries of the unnecessary paper work. All the documents that can be forged or faked can't with factom, millions of documents would not be needed, everything could be stored on factom block chain, whole libraries, forever in decentralized blockchain. Giant digital library.

Lisk- Platform for decentralized apps programmed in java script. They had successful ICO this year and I'm expecting great things from this platform. I love this video to illustrate Lisk potential.

@arrana I do agree! I think privacy is the biggest concern for me as well and Monero ticks the box!

@nicolaortiz lol we do have our preferences!

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