Is there anything better than Bitcoin out there?

@shanzida hmm I would like to know why as well

XRP is the most undervalued digital asset.

For any alternative coin to have lasting value as a true currency, it must go into widespread use.
Bitcoin has value because it is useful as a form of money

The world of crypts can be divided into two continents: Bitcoins and Altcoins, Bitcoin is only one and the Altcoins are more than one, In the world of the altcoins there is much potential to be exploited and even some could be "better" than the bitcoin, but you have to clarify. better in what aspect? Which is more beautiful? which is more secure? every coin has its own and you have to take advantage of that.

HI, there are many coins which are somewhere competing bitcoin for example ETH, and there are many growing coins which might can beat bitcoin

I will suggest that Bitcoinlvx which is new to the market. since it has better features than bitcoin. So, I hope will have a successful future.

I just found a few inserting altcoins and think they worth investing your money in. One of them is Mobilego - a relatively new project which unites gamers and developers all around the world. Learn more about Mobilego and their ICO price:

Bitcoin's rise is phenomenal but there's also Eth that looks really promising and it has proven its place in the crypto world.

Anyone can't change bitcoin place where is a unique one in the market place. Blockchianappsdeveloper is the blockchain development services.

There is nothing better than Bitcoin. It is still the most promising cryptocurrency

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