The systemic risk of financial markets is somewhat like the sea

The sea is a high-risk environment, sometimes calm and sometimes crazy.😰
No matter fishing or transportation, one thing is certain, if you don't go to the sea, you won't get the profit, but if you go to the sea, you may be swallowed by the sea, and no matter how careful planning, this risk always exists unless you stay away from the sea. Can you control the sea, or can you calculate the sea?
Since it is destined to be unable to escape, there is no need to escape. So, apart from using reasonable rules in the trading system to accommodate the systemic risks of the market, are there other options?
👉 Umm… no!

LOL from FMZ quant...hahaha

Embrace the risk😡
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Methods to handle Cryptocurrency risks.

  1. Buy the Dip
  2. Study the Market

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