Anyone else excited for plasma?

Apparently an MVP was released by Vitalik:


Here is the one on plasma cash
Apparently, plasma cash is now plasma

@onesnzeros I'll have to look it over when I'm not sleep deprived 😛

Ooo there's also this!

You can take a look here too

The Plasma text describes a system of ‘child’ blockchains, created through a series of smart contracts, subordinate to a root blockchain. The root chain enforces all computation with ‘bonded fraud proofs’. Transactions on the root chain are “only computed and penalized if there is proof of fraud.”

This post is deleted!
This post is deleted!

Slightly more difficult scenario, how I can enforce correctness in case of state change in account/state based plasma chain?

I don't have much clarity on state based plasma chain, but wouldn't it be similar to how a state channel works, with periodic commits to parent. And in case of any problems, you can exit to the parent for the parent. I might be missing some things here

@onesnzeros Makes sense to me, but I personally don't know the intimate details of how plasma works.

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