What is the position of Cryptocurrency market

The current cryptocurrency market is fraught with problems that range from structural to functional issues.
These problems stem primarily from the infant nature of the market, a lack of understanding of the
cryptocurrency space, and some of the more peculiar economics of cryptocurrencies.

For most users, security is the most concerning aspect of the current market. This is because, from its
inception, the market has been targeted by the activities of hackers and cyber criminals. There have been a
number of high-profile cryptocurrency hacks and heists that have resulted in millions of dollars being stolen.
Some traders and investors have lost funds and certain platforms have ceased to operate. In the aftermath
of these hacks, the price of particular cryptocurrencies dropped considerably.

Lack of Price Uniformity is the main concern. Price charting is an essential part of asset/commodity trading. It is often necessary to develop price charts in order to carry out investment analysis and develop trading strategies. The problem here is the price of a cryptocurrency can vary considerably on the different exchange platforms. With such extreme price differences for the same cryptocurrency, price charting becomes a difficult endeavor. Add to this, the sheer degree of volatility in the market and the problem becomes even more exacerbated.

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