Blockchain technology has a large potential to transform business operating models in the long term. Blockchain distributed ledger technology is more a foundational technology with the potential to create new foundations for global economic and social systems than a disruptive technology, which typically "attack a traditional business model with a lower-cost solution and overtake incumbent firms quickly, as well as be used to create a permanent, public, transparent ledger system for compiling data on sales, storing rights data by authenticating copyright registration.

Advancement in Technology can provide great new opportunities for the charity industry fundraising and for bringing donations into our digital lives including updating traditional collections with contactless giving, building new smartphone donation apps or the use of virtual reality to bring a cause to life.

Unlike the Traditional currencies which are not easily tracked when they are exchanged. However, digital currencies are unique and are traceable throughout the ledger. While there is a vibrant conversation within the charity sector about the meaning of overhead and whether organizations should be measured by the percentage they spend on fundraising, one thing we know for sure is that donors prefer to fund projects directly. Donors want to see where the money is going and how it is being used at any given time.

Leveraging the advantage of completely decentralized system of blockchain technology, where financial transactions that requires a high level of trust and transparency can be executed without entrusting it to any third party. The humancoin will provide a secure environment for the exchange of funds within its ecosystem.

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Humancoin ecosystem brings together donors, recipients and e-commerce players. The platform's interface lets participants quickly send donations to any country in the popular currency, to monitor transactions and view reports on their charitable activities, as well as to use international customer loyalty programs. The Humancoin platform is designed with the goal of facilitating the process of interaction between philanthropists and beneficiaries to the greatest possible extent.

This is the first ever blockchain project in the history of the e-commerce industry that has the potential to become a global loyalty program aggregator. Instead of competing with existing programs, the Humancoin platform actually builds partnerships with them. The Humancoin token is convertible into points, miles, bonuses, coupons, tokens and is effortlessly integrated into already existing systems, without forcing business owners to reconfigure them all it requires is setting a conversion rate. The association with philanthropy gives its tokens a unique advantage in developing loyalty programs with partners creating a strong emotional resonance.

The combinations of e-commerce and cryptocurrencies will facilitate an increase in the number of donors. For those involved in e-commerse offering a bonus affiliated with charity is an effective way to position their brand on an emotional level with their clients and finally, the whole process is just very convenient for everyone involved.

The distributed ledger technology, which is designed to put an end to the middleman, gets rid of the long charity chain composed of banks, NGOs, state bodies and law firms. Blockchain provides a digital mechanism for recording and viewing any transaction. It is important that the record cannot be hacked or modified. Blockchain solves the trust issue by providing transparency, traceability and security.


Humancoin is not in direct competition with existing loyalty programs, but instead is intended for developing partnerships with them and acting as an aggregator across a collection of loyalty programs. The Humancoin token converts into points, miles, bonuses, coupons and tokens and is easily integrated into existing systems, without forcing businesses to reconfigure them — the only requirement is to set the conversion rate. As the number of partners and the scope of cooperation within the Humancoin Network grows, so does the popularity of the token.

• Token Name: HUMA

• Platform: Ethereum

• Standard: ERC20

• Quantity: 3,055,000,000 HUMA

• Price: 1 HUMA = $ 0.01

• Payment: ETH, BTC, LTC

• Soft cap: 6,000,000 USD

• Hard cap: 26,000,000 USD

• The presale will be from the 1st of July to 15th of August, 2018.

• The token sale will be from the 15th of September to the 1st of November 2018.


• 3 055 mln: For sale

• 1 000 mln: Partnership Development Fund

• 600 mln: Team reward

• 600 mln: Advisors and ambassadors

• 500 mln: Consultants and exchanges

• 245 mln: Bounty, airdrop and referral program


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