How to verify a smart contract on


I personally use truffle-flattener

@shanzida You can also use myetherwallet to deploy your smart contract.

Really ??? I'll surely check this out.

Seems like it is just verifying that the sourcecode matches the bytecode that was deployed so others have proof that the code is what you say it is. It looks like it is all done through their site so you should just have to follow the steps and it will tell you if the code you entered matches the bytecode at that address.

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Thank you @shanzida

You can use this tool - DeployMyContract

@nicolaortiz said in How to verify a smart contract on


I am using this too for my contracts

I use the Deploy My Contract App. It doesn’t require a rocket scientist and I found it incredibly easy to use. All you have to do is start the application and choose the Ethereum Network. This is followed by pasting the source code which then starts processing and then asks for the main contract and wallet key file. You might have to fill in some constructor parameters if they exist but it still remains to be the most hassle free way to deploy and verify a contract.

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