Github Thread

Feel free to post your github here and people will hopefully PM you jobs.

Hey everyone,
I am a Solidity and full-stack web developer.(MERN stack).

Here's is my github:

@samuele I've removed your email so that people don't spam you.

@elliot @Samuele some great things tho!

Now we know who to ask when it comes to optimizing our user registration rate 🙂

haha yes data snooping for churn would fall under my skill set.

@a1 Send me a PM if you are interested in helping us out with that. We absolutely need someone on our team that has those skills.

I see that your first github commits were on April 8th, is that about the same time that you got into blockchain engineering? How long have you been coding in Solidity?

Hoping to pick up Solidity and smart contract development pretty soon here myself:

Would love to hear a little bit about your learning process and the transition from data science to the "world of Ethereum." Mind sharing? 🙂

I keep hearing about Truffle and I like how a code library that can't be messed with because it sits on the blockchain would make using functions safer and more stable. So I'm interested in hearing if people are using it, and what other tools or IDEs they use for Solidity.

how i can get a job online

@sharafat-ali Github is a great place to start if you have programming skills. Get involved with projects you believe in and are a good match for your skills. This gives you a chance to prove your skills in open-source code, make connections with the community, and improve your skills with practical experience and feedback.

Doing what you love, with passion and mindfulness is often the best way into a really satisfying career. But this may not pay off for a while. So it might be worth creating profiles on websites that match your skills as a freelancer to client needs. You can sign up to as many as you like. Just never over-commit your time, or you'll risk your reputation.

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