Hi there!
I would like to introduce a new app to help you track EOS tokens. EOS Portfolio provides a quick, easy, and fun way to track EOS tokens & airdrops.
EOSportfolio is the best free EOS balance portfolio manager app. Users take control and manage all accounts in one place. They can customize the app to monitor your personal portfolio. The application is absolutely free & secure. Have your portfolio tracker in your pocket, anywhere & anytime. Even on a fast-moving day, you can update with just a swipe.

EOSportfolio gives you:

  • On-the-Go EOS Account tracking
    You can monitor EOS coins in your account, track how many tokens are allocated as staked & unstaked, check RAM, CPU & NET resources allocation.
  • Multi-EOS account support
    Sync multiple accounts automatically in one tap. Just swipe to refresh the status of your portfolio.
  • Portfolio analytics:
    A complete analytics dashboard gives you valuable insights into your portfolio(s) such as the location of your coins, fees breakdown, most used exchanges and more.
  • Transaction history
    It's simple, fast, and easy to view the transaction history of your account. You can easily check the quantity of tokens received from a number of air drops.
  • A huge library of token accounts
    Track the most-ranked token accounts, including EOS, PUB, IQ, BLACK, KARMA, CHL, CET, HORUS, ADD, EDNA, EOSDAC and many others.
    EOS portfolio is Free and will be available in the coming weeks, our website (https://eosportfolio.io/).

Download for iOS https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/eos-portfolio/id1439589873
Download for Android https://eosportfolio.io/

We’d glad to hear from you any feedback or comments which improve the app & make your life easy. So feel free to get in touch via any of the channels below, which includes Telegram, Twitter & Facebook. 🙌

Subreddit https://www.reddit.com/r/EOSportfolio/

Twitter https://twitter.com/EoSportfolio

Telegram https://t.me/EOS_portfolio