Caelum Token (CLM) - new mineable ERC20 PoW / Masternode hybrid token

Caelum Token (CLM) is the mineable PoW / Masternode ERC20 utility token for


Caelum Project

------- Proof of Work ------- Masternodes ------- Decentralised ------- IPFS/DAT -------

Introduction to Caelum Project

Caelum is an ERC20 PoW/Masternode hybrid token.The name Caelum is derived from the Caelum Supercluster, the largest collection of galaxies known today. In the cryptocurrency sphere, Caelum ($CLM) is the token used across a series of projects under the all encompassing umbrella that is “Caelum Project”. Caelum Project is a community focused cryptocurrency built on the Ethereum blockchain. The project is lead by Skippy Brussels with the support of Caelum Community members.

Caelum Project’s existence is driven by a desire to improve the cryptocurrency scene we know today and keep innovating to help increase mass adoption. The crypto industry is plagued by thousands of copy-paste works which add nothing to the overall cryptocurrency scene. Many projects out today seek to solely create profit, revenue or financial benefits for their holders. This is not the main priority for Caelum. Caelum aims to stand out from the crowd, as an innovator and significant contributor to improving the overall image of cryptocurrency.

Caelum Project’s first achievement is creating it’s new and innovative distribution model. It’s first use case will be based around a fully decentralised Digital Asset storage solution. In simpler terms, there are many “lost” wallets, from people who passed away without sharing information on how to access these digital assets. Caelum will create an automated and trustless way to manage the inheritance of digital assets.

Road Map and Milestones

September 2018 - Ropsten Testnet (Completed)
September 2018 - Contract Deployment (Completed)
September 2018 - Mining Pool (Completed)
October 2018 - Full block rewards (Completed)
Q4 2018 - Alpha of first utility Digital assets storage/inheritance platform
Q1 2019 - Public Beta Digital assets storage/inheritance platform
Q2 2019 - Final Production release of the Digital assets storage/inheritance platform

  • Future utilities and further developments TBC

Key points and Summary

  • PoW/Masternode, where rewards decrease from 100% mining rewards to 2% PoW and 98% Masternode rewards overtime. A Masternode requires 5000 CLM, or equivalent of a voted for ERC20 token, as collateral. Mining is similar to 0xBitcoin, and can be done with CPU/GPU.

  • The simplest Masternode setup in existence. No downtime, no interaction, no need to keep a PC or laptop running. Once setup it is running until you withdraw your tokens you used as collateral.

  • Decentralised voting ,  for Masternode token requirements, such as the amount of tokens needed and whether to accept another ERC20 token as Masternode collateral.

  • The first Utility will be a Digital assets storage/inheritance platform based on IPFS/DAT

Official Links and Groups

Official Twitter:
Telegram Group Chat:
Telegram Announcements

Lead Developer Twitter:

Getting Started - Mining and Masternodes


Solo Mining Guide ⛏

Pool Mining ⛏

MinerAcct=Your Eth Address
Pool dashboard:

Masternode Guide

Published Write Ups

CAELUM: The Future Of The Digital Assets Storage & Inheritance Space by Brian Colwell (#MasternodeMeBro creator)

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5 Reasons to fall back in love with Crypto - The Caelum Project by @procryptologist

Caelum SWOT analysis

CAELUM Token Details

Deployed contract:

Token tracker:

Name: Caelum Token ($CLM)
Decimals: 8

Exchanges - in progress!/trade/0x7600bf5112945f9f006c216d5d6db0df2806edc6-ETH

Donations - Supporting Caelum Project

Any donations are much appreciated, and will help with pool & other project costs.

ETH: 0xbBAf778404f29dAfaBFB07981E3Cf3faE29cE385
CLM: 0x2eA361F3FeA795d242a1eF9Cf132cbEe829C3555

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Caelum token is now live on The Token Store!

Now tradeable here:

alt text

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