Is Corion the replacement for Bitcoin?

What are your opinion?

None. There are new technologies, that will have their niche. Each crypto does a different thing, but Bitcoin is the most tested, the longest, and everything in crypto goes through Bitcoin.

Hard question. Maybe a cryptocurrency with a better governance. Decentralized, low fees and fast transactions.

Corion. faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar away

Bitcoin may never be replaced. At least, nothing in the next century.

According to the past trends and analysis by the experts corion cannot replace bitcoin in any way. If we look at the past 6 month prices of Corion, it has been declining from $0.66 to the current price $0.149. The current price of bitcoin is around $9700. So, the corion will cannot beat bitcoin in the near future. Moreover, investing in Corion will be a bad decision for at least another one year as the current investment can be devalued in the future.

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