Atomic Swaps

Anyone here have experience with atomic swaps over the lightning network with ethereum or litecoin?

Putting users in control of their own private keys has the best aggregate track record for security despite individual cases of loss. Funds under centralized control on exchanges have led to the most massive security failures we've seen.

In some ways, atomic swaps are already here - depending on the kind of atomic swap you're looking to make.

@sarahmullen really? can you give some real life examples?

@arrana see this

The world had just witnessed an atomic swap on the same blockchain, but what about an atomic swap between two different blockchains?

One of the projects I'm observing (and where I invested) is REMME (cyber-security company) and they are going to do atomic swap.
They used Ethereum for ICO, as it's good way to collect funds, but they plan to do atomic swap and develop own Remchain.
I also heard about other projects which are using Ethereum only for ICO, token sale reasons and then seek for other solutions.
Reasons for this are obvious - speed and cost of transactions, I think these are main reasons.

I was reading REMME's telegram, and here is what I found about their atomic swap:

"To be more precise we are developing our own blockchain based on Hyperledger Sawtooth, it is mentioned in our WP. Tokens are released as ERC-20 but we will have atomic swap solution for the possibility of circulation of internal tokens."

Because I know some people from their team, and I see them from time to time on conferences, I can ask about their atomic swap, who did it (or who will do it) and I can ask the contacts.

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