In crypto business model, the ICO ethos is taking shape and informal standards are being adopted by the industry. Because, ICO is a good tool to quickly raise money from accredited investors.

If you plan to start ICO,

Note the following :👇

Choosing ready made ICO software is not good idea and that is not suitable way to kick start such a kind of innovative ICO business setup. It won’t works out to attain the path of everyone’s business goals & strategies. It’s no longer support for your fundraising operation and expanding your business operations.

The main question - Every startup considering an ICO fundraising model whether the digital token can be integrated into their business model in a meaningful way. If the only use for your coin is to trade on an exchange, it guarantees that the price will crash soon after the ICO takes place.

Any token released during a campaign will come under tremendous speculation as soon as it hits the market. The only thing that can defend that is a strong demand for the token — a demand that can be produced by real utility.

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