8 on-going airdrops that you can join now and earn some free coins.

Crypto market is so perfect, I mean you can always earn some free coins through airdrops and hard forks, At the moment several airdrops are ongoing on and you can make some money through them. Here are a few of those that you can participate in. https://cryptorecorder.com/2018/04/26/8-on-going-airdrops-that-you-can-join-now-waves-bcharity-deep-token-dreamplay-token-verasity-trident-0chain-repo-coin/

@Jedida share your refferal link so when I signup you can get some bucks

I just grabbed some Deep token.

Oh don't forget to give better suggestions

Repo coin seems interesting to me. Anyone out there experience their airdrop?

Nothing seems lucrative to me!

A Crypto Airdrop is when a blockchain project or ICO distributes free tokens or coins to the crypto community. You can find all airdrops listed under active airdrops here.

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