Welcome to Blockchain Forums

I created this as a small side project to help form groups around my favorite topic - blockchain.

Hopefully you find it helpful and informative.

Much appreaciated! We are already getting some great info. Thanks @elliot

I'm very much happy to join here..it can help us more..

@elliot what is your main business ? I mean what you do actually?

Great initiatives!! this will bring some good folks together

@arrana I run this forum and also do some solidity development work on the side.

@elliot said in Welcome to Blockchain Forums:

so some solidity development work on the side.

Feel free to share your works so I can show the other forums I belong to

It's really a pleasure for me to join here. Already found some great info. Thanks a lot!!

Glad to be here. Thanks for taking the initiative, @admin. Hopefully this can be the place for intelligent discussion and community building that we're all looking for.

I also want to emphasize the necessity of some topics for crypto-enthusiasts. Thank you very much for your commitment!

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