Which cryptocurrency exchange would you recommend for trading?

Generally I prefer a peer to peer cryptocurrency exchange for trading. As there are no middlemen, the transactions are transparent and occur with a low-cost fee. Most crypto traders prefer this type of exchange for these reasons. Pesamill is easy to use and very quick.

A few of the features of Pesamill have been described below:

• Pesamill Fiat Currencies: US Dollars & KES (Exchange rates as applicable on local currencies)
• Cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ripple, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, EOS
• Available Countries: Global Users (with KYC Verification)
• Market Graph: Available to help users make an informed decision
• Trading Data: Updated every 10 seconds
• Real-time Payment Methods: Mobile money, In-person cash deposit (Australia), BPay (Australia) Bank Transfers, Visa, MasterCard.
• Place Order Value: Minimum: $ 15 USD Maximum: $ 10000.99 USD
• Customer Support: Yes, 24/7

Apart from that, what else?

Hello, let me introduce a new crypto/fiat exchange GetEx. It has relevant conditions for new users and highly secured accounts. The funds are kept in cold wallet to provide more security It is also being regulated by the European Union and Estonian legislation. If you need more information here you go - https://www.getex.com.

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