For those who don’t know yet, Cryptodice is a newly launched blockchain game patterned after Sic Bo, an ancient Chinese dice game that is also popularly known as a casino game. Since Cryptodice is an online game, it would be difficult to give concerns and feedback to the game. But Cryptodice has offered a technical support for questions and reports for the game through Dice Customer Service in telegram.

When you go to Cryptodice’s game site found here:, you will easily find its customer service link by clicking the telegram icon on the top right corner. The button will redirect you to Dice Customer Service:

Admins answer questions and support people that give out concerns and feedback regarding the game. In the telegram customer service, you will find rules to follow to encourage respect in the group. When in the group, remember to use English as language, make sure you have a username, do not advertise in the group, focus on blockchain and Cryptodice topics and respect the admins and other people in the group for a harmonious discussion and connection.

If you ever have troubles while playing Cryptodice, please do not hesitate and leave a message in Dice Customer Service!