One of the most exciting features of the blockchain system is that it is completely decentralized. But what exactly does that means?

It means there is no central point of information storage, all the data is recorded in a network spread all over the world, the nodes. Therefore, there isn’t a central authority, making the system more secure and transparent, because every node has access to the same information.

How about developing a decentralized blockchain app for your company? This unique characteristic of the blockchain can help us improve all types of services and business.

Supply chain and logistics - The blockchain allows you to create a formal registration any good or commodity on the shared ledger. This can solve problems such as traceability.
Banking - With no third-party to authenticate the transaction, but millions of nodes ready to approve the action, the financial process can be done faster.
Insurance - The decentralized technology helps the companies to authenticate their clients' data, making sure there’s no fraud.

These are just some examples of how the blockchain technology is helping to disrupt the way we do things. Blockchain App Factory is the best decentralized Blockchain app development company that can offer the perfect solution for your business.