How did you find out about

Title says it all - how did you find out about us?

One of my friend told me about this awesome forum!

i found it from my boyfriend.

I was searching for some good materials for my crypto thirst, I found this on google

My friend added me here

@nicolaortiz said in How did you find out about

My friend added me here

is your friend a crypto enthusiast?

I saw a tweet about it from @blocksparks

I found this forum when searching for a new place to hang out and discuss different cryptocurrency and blockchain-related thoughts that have been on my mind. I've been looking for somewhere that lives up to my standards of intelligent discussion, and I hope this is somewhere I can call home!

A friend send me a link

I googled it somehow. It's nice, thanks!

I was just browsing the web looking for some information about blockchain programming and your link appeared in the search results 😉

while searching on Google for best blockchain forums then I got this site....n I want to tell you to all.....this is best ....!

@admin Found it on google while searching for good platform for announcements regarding our upcoming Blockchain Conferences, i thought this is the right platform to focus.

Through a friend I came to the forum, I really liked the little time I have here.
I have found very good information. 🙂

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