Digital Advertising proves to be very effective. It reaches a wide range of audience in a very short span of time. Because of this, companies are inclined to using digital advertising as a medium to promote their brands. But because of it being through the internet—and as we know, the internet is full of people with different intentions—digital advertising has also been a medium for scammers and defrauders.

With that in mind, many innovative marketers believe that there is an alarming need for security, safety, and transparency in the digital advertising world. Blockchain could have answers to these needs. As blockchain could allow direct and transactions and communication among advertisers, it is able to create a highly transparent system between the two. Blockchain could cut intermediaries, solve regulation problems and stop fraudulent activities from transpiring in the digital advertising platform.

With blockchain, scammers and defrauders will be lessened as system security is maintained by this technology and hopefully, eventually, digital advertising problems could be solved.