The year to come promises yet more innovative mainstream blockchain and cryptocurrency applications. Two years after the bitcoin boom, we can see increasing understanding of cryptocurrencies and markets reaching greater maturity.

Whilst the hype around bitcoin has certainly passed, the advantages and benefits of deploying blockchain have only just started to show. Blockchain technology itself has improved in 2018, with greater scalability, more decentralised features and enhanced security. One thing we can be sure of is that in 2019, the blockchain and fintech revolutions will continue to gain ground, paving the way for more innovations to enter the market.

The external mood is causing investors and entrepreneurs to steer clear of traditional markets. With the political climate bringing chaos in the UK and Europe, coupled with low oil price expectations and continued volatility in equities, alternative investment options, as those found in the crypto market, can be much more attractive.

Check out our predictions in the blockchain and crypto space for next year and pick your favourite projects.
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