[Selling] 5600+ ICO database

I offer 5600+ upcoming/ongoing/past ICO database with actual emails for sale.
All emails are taken from the open sources (more than 50 ICO lists/trackers and ICO websites), I collected this database during all the year. Updated weekly.
Extremely effective tool for advertising companies, news and article publishers, social media crypto communities, exchanges, conferences/meetups promoters, investors, ICO utility services, crypto promoters.
ICO developers are waiting to get useful offers for their projects development.
If interested, PM me or email nyttart [at] gmail dot com.

Database updated on December 28.

Database updated on January 08.

so your the reason i get spam all the time? not good at all selling peoples info

Better to post directly the source link, want to check the info myself, but couldnt find the link

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