Every month, new blockchain and cryptocurrency projects come out. With all the new blockchain ideas, being different and unique is becoming more and more difficult. Marketing Teams for these kinds of startups also become more and more challenged.

There are lots of tips out there but how is it actually applied on blockchain projects? If you are one of those who are confused, here are a few tips you can do applied to our game CryptoDice, a blockchain game on the Ethereum platform, to show how these tips could actually be applied:

  1. Analyzing your audience
    CryptoDice is an online blockchain “Sic Bo” game. It’s a casino dice game, making its main audience casino goers and gamblers. But since it’s easy to understand, everyone can also be an audience to it, anyone who loves the thrill of the unknown.

  2. Do not hide your team
    Projects especially online, over the internet are hard to analyze since people don’t see actual products. When people do not know who the people behind these projects are, it’s even harder. People want credibility and hiding the team of your project makes people doubt you. For CryptoDice, it helps to put out a technical support service for people to talk to regarding their concerns on the game.

  3. Use the power of Social Media
    People are all over Social Media. This platform is a great way to reach the audience because of its influence. It’s free and easy to use! It also needs to be updated all the time. But since CryptoDice is a gambling game, we have to consider that some Social Media platforms do not allow this like Facebook. Good thing, there is still Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+ for that!

All startup projects, blockchain or non-blockchain, have a big challenge on the marketing side. But with the right strategies, no project will be left behind! If you are interested in CryptoDice, you can visit our game site here: https://luckydapps.com/