Concealed untraceable transactions coin based on PoS
For those who value their privacy
First among others, first anonymous PoS based coin.
Started in base code with CryptoNight algorithm re-written improved, that how CUT've been created. For your total anonymity, privacy and stability.
Personality X Transactions X Society

Providing always-on privacy, efficiently
In order to provide for “always-on” privacy, C.U.T will add RingCT privacy from to its transactions, such that all transaction components will be as anonymous as technology today provides for.


Consensus algorithms
At the first stage of mining, the PoW algorithm will be provided. Later will switch on PoS consensus algorithm.
C.U.T. coin is based on Proof-of-Stake consensus algorithm to ensure maximum decentralization, energy efficiency and providing a mechanism for all CUT coin holders to earn rewards in C.U.T. coin through the process of staking.
Possession is rewarded.


*CryptoNight based.
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