HORAE: The most “even” wealth creation plan in the evolution of blockchain civilization

At present, HORAE has cooperated with two fund institutions to launch three DAP products: RCAP, CCC and SOPR:

  1. Ragnarok Crypto Asset Portfolio (RCAP)
  • Calculated by day

  • 30-day profit: 10% - 15%

  • After 30 days, the principal and interest are returned together

  1. Crush Crypto Core (CCC)
  • Calculated by day

  • Monthly profit: 15% - 35%

  • Interest can be extracted every day, the principal lock cycle is 200 days

  1. Solidum Prime (SOPR)
  • Calculating by week

  • Monthly profit: 20% - 40%

  • Interest can be withdrawn every week, the principal lock cycle is 30 weeks

Pls see this: https://www.horae.me/Register/index/S/56a1utq8

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