Blockchain Service Providers, A New Requirement
Blockchain Service Providers are technology platforms that are available to businesses for customized application development and to create blockchain software products. Blockchain is transforming as the next revolution, similar to IT and computers. Its relevance and adoption in the enterprise, business and in general utilities are increasing every day.

What does Blockchain Service Providers do?
Blockchain Service Providers offer Blockchain technology as a service. Known as BaaS(Blockchain as a Service), enterprises can leverage technology like Distributed Ledgers to create personalized solutions for enterprises operations. DTL based applications are gradually becoming a new standard in the enterprise ecosystem. Enterprises are leveraging blockchain services in several ways to develop:

Blockchain Applications for Mobile Devices.
Supply Chain Management Blockchain Application
Cryptocurrency Wallets
Internal Operation Mechanisms based on blockchain.
Smart Contract Development.

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The Advantages of Blockchain Services for Enterprises
Using Blockchain Services, enterprises leverage the benefits cryptography and encryption in business and process operation. BaaS offer the advantages of both Cloud Services as well as Blockchain Technology. It provides an effective leeway to bypass the expensive requirements of on-premises servers. Blockchain Service Providers are emerging as an effective solution for business reduce technology expenses while reaping the benefits of Distributed Ledger technology.

Blockchain Services let businesses to rent blockchain infrastructure as a Cloud-based service.
Enterprises can access, manage and host blockchain applications without the requirement of additional on-premises infrastructure.
Companies can use Blockchain Technology in BaaS model without any commitment and risk of losing time and resources on development and maintenance.
It is easy to customize blockchain application as per requirement of users on BaaS model compared to on-premises blockchain development.
Using BaaS businesses can avoid the complexities of involvement with Blockchain Technology.

Industry Use cases of Blockchain Services
FinTech Healthcare Automotive Legal

Oodles Blockchain and BaaS Services
Oodles Blockchain provides and develops a wide array of enterprise-grade blockchain services. We are equipped with strong technical support and development infrastructure to scale up with the demands of clients. We understand the complexities of business requirements along with their critical importance. Oodles Blockchain is successful to establish itself as a market leader for its standard benchmark.

We offer rapid accomplishment with complete support from design evaluation, prototyping, and testing of application for effective implementation of the solution.
Our blockchain service solution addresses critical factors like security and privacy, consensus management and interoperability.
Our in-depth market research and efficient development methodology ensure holistic fulfillment of client’s vision.
Oodles Blockchain also provide cost-effective solutions to existing technology infrastructures.
Services by Oodles Blockchain has an ingrained advantage of allied technologies like AI, that helps realize the utility of blockchain.

Technology Expertise of Oodles Blockchain
Hyperledger Ethereum Ripple Stellar

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