OWO is an awesome product and it's an example to create less complex blockchain products.

For example, you are able to swap OWO for bitcoin without going through an exchange.
OWO treats the bitcoin blockchain as an open API. Using your bip32 address we generate an address in your wallet, then listen to that address for a transaction.

When a transaction comes in, OWO is released to the buyer. No complex side chains or atomic swaps.

OWO is formerly Gamerholic coin, the 1st cryptocurrency created for the world of video games back in 2014.

A rebrand was launched last year, to take the coin out of the gaming realm and make it a coin that can be used for anything.

More importantly, after having Gamerholic coin on bittrex for 2+ years, we decided to make OWO a none-speculators coin, with a firm belief that doing so would allow us to create a better product.

On OWO, users earn, mine or win OWO and businesses buy OWO from users.

Businesses need OWO to create local coupon promotions.

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This model creates a perpetual marketplace needless of a 3rd party exchange.

OWO currently has 7 working applications, including Gamerholic an application where you can play heads up games and tournaments for bitcoin or OWO.

Please visit the site, jump in a grabbit game to win free bitcoin and more.

OWO is sha256 POW/POS hybrid with 1.87 coins in circ.
2.5 OWO block rewards every 60 seconds and an unlimited supply.
Staking is used to prevent inflation.