The Ethereum tokens are the digital assets that are built on the top of ethereum blockchain. ERC20 token is simply a subset of ethereum tokens. This ERC20 standard will allows to perform the following actions,

1.Collateral deals,
2.Security dividends etc,.

Thus the ERC20 token development process involves the following steps,

1.Project discussion
2.Planning and evaluation
3.Platform development
4.Token creation and distribution
5.White paper development
6.ICO and marketing

Who can build this ethereum tokens?

To do this, it is important to have a requisite technical skills in ethereum smart contracts and its associate programming knowledge. Coinjoker - one of the world’s popular ERC20 token development company, helps you to develop a powerful ERC20 tokens based on your requirements . In addition to developing tokens they also helps you to develop and run successful ICO campaign to market your tokens and to generate funds.