Have you met blocky yet? Your guide to blockchain!

Someone wrote a children's book to explain bitcoin and blockchain. The interesting thing is that the book introduces a central character "blocky" who explains everything about blockchain in super simple terms. Its available to download for free on Amazon.

The new amazon book. Yes it's fantastic

Thank you very much @mary for sharing. Downloading it now.

@jedida said in Have you met blocky yet? Your guide to blockchain!:

Downloading it now.

I already did!

The best news is it's free https://www.amazon.com/Place-Blockchain-Brett-Biery-ebook/dp/B07C9TSMCR

@jedida you are welcome! ☺

@nicolaortiz yes!! 😉

Thank you so much @mary

I'll definitely download it!

I just got a new Kindle Oasis and I know what I will be reading on it next! Thank you for the pointer!!

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