What's in future for Sweden now that it has backed a cryptocurrency as its official coin

What do you guys think? Is this going to motivate other EU countries to follow Sweden's footsteps or do you guys think this is just a one-off thing?
The bigger question, "Can a country survive solely on cryptocurrency? Are we there yet?"

E-krona, the next national cryptocurrency of Sweden. Because It is interesting that while many countries are undecided on how to approach a policy towards digital currencies, some have already developed a national policy and are moving ahead to explore the benefit of digital currencies. The Swedish national bank recently hinted that it has plans to create a national cryptocurrency called E-krona.

Other EU countries should follow Sweden from now

Can you really live entirely off of Bitcoin or Ethereum?

@shanzida that's exactly what I am wondering about

Swedish national bank representatives have confirmed their intention to release the country’s own official currency. However, e-krona is not set to replace cash altogether, but rather the two will coexist.

As cryptocurrency gains more attention from the mainstream public, governments are finding ways to use the innovative economic model. One of the first countries to express their belief for the utility of the blockchain system is Sweden.

Riksbank, Sweden’s national bank, has already developed a policy regarding cryptocurrencies. Riksbank governor Stefan Ingves has confirmed that there are plans to go ahead with the country’s own crypto coin, which is to be called e-krona. He emphasizes the need to face the economic changes, but reaffirms the need for cash in the foreseeable future.

The majority of countries around the world are improving their legislation to accommodate their population’s growing use of crypto coins. Recently, Venezuela has announced the release of their own digital asset, Petro. While the emergence of this coin has been accompanied by some controversy, clearly there is a global tendency to make use of the potential of the crypto world.

The whole premise of cryptocurrency is decentralization. I'm not a fan of countries having their own "official coins." We need to progress beyond imagined boundaries and borders to reap the true benefits of cryptocurrencies and the blockchain.

Sweden is adequately suited for the E-krona, because it is one of those few countries in the world with very low cash usage.

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