Best exchange for non-US traders?

I'd really welcome recommendations for an exchange which accepts non-US fiat, but also has a good range of currencies available to trade. I have a client who needs to use Aus dollars in particular, and he is having a difficult time getting started, because so few exchanges accept his money, and then he has to pay twice to get his funds over to an exchange where he can invest in the alts he wants.

Is anyone else here used to dealing with Aus $ who could give me some recommendations? Low fees are especially welcome! My client is pretty tech minded and has a forex background, and so a complex interface isn't a problem in itself,

Thanks in advance!

It really depends on who you are and your trading/investing style.

If you actively trade, then the best choice is Interactive Brokers. They accept clients from around the world. Their prices are also far and away the cheapest for non-institutional traders.

@sarahmullen Does IB support crypto though? I think that's the real question here.

@elliot Oops I just saw the heading. Here are my choice for crypto exchange

Bitstamp in indeed a good option to start with.

I think KuCoin best serves your purpose. It is a cryptocurrency exchange based in Korea which supports Ethereum, Neo, and Odyssey among various other currencies. The current trading fee is 1% like most of the competition. There are several contests and promotions that will let you earn KuCoin Shares as well.

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