Is the price of Ethereum too tied to ICO rules?

Is anyone else worried long term about the price of ETH if the SEC really does crack down on ICOs, in the way that they might do?

Now that there are so many alternatives for smart contract functionality, it seems to me that a lot of the support for Ethereum price comes from its utility for ERC20 tokens, because these are so widely needed in ICOs. But if projects are forced to move to other solutions for funding, like private sales, then will the need for ERC20 tokens declining meaning that the cost of ETH takes a big hit?

Or am I just overthinking this? I’d love to know if you agree or disagree...

panic sells ETH


I don't think so.

@sarahmullen Please back up your statement with more information/arguments as to why you hold this opinion.

Yes @sarahmullen I'd love to know why you disagree - because I do hold a bit of ETH and wondering what I should do about that! I think it's important to look at all sides of a discussion

The problem right now is that too many people outside of the blockchain space focus on tokens and ICOs; frankly speaking, it's the least interesting part of ethereum.

Ethereum developers largely believe that, at the very least, the individuals or company behind an ICO should have a prototype to prove their idea could theoretically work in practice

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