How South african’s dreams comes true?

A South African people moving ahead in the technological world. They don’t trust there government or banking services to save their life. They just used cryptocurrency for the local currency to growth their economic status. The Paxful community shows the 17,000 traders belong to South Africa.

Bitcoin value is tricky in South Africa

The price of bitcoin makes up and down in the crypto marketplace. When you invested your money in crypto coins earn more than your investment. The bitcoin price has different from the type of country and exchange site. In crypto industries, How much sellers want and how much buyers are willing to give for a bitcoin.

Google strategies to calculated bitcoin value

Google has a specific formula that views at the prices of bitcoin in several different US platforms it calculates the average value.since, the prices of bitcoin in South African exchanges rely on the supply and demand of the buyers and sellers on an exchange. The 77% of people use the bitcoin in 2016 is increased into next year 85% is used to buy the bitcoin in a smartphone.

Schools in South Africa

The paxul community goal is to build “100” school to the African children. They intend to teach the student about virtual currencies and blockchain. They joined their hands with zam zam water build the first school in rwanda,kasebigege village some other people also give more denotation to the paxful family. The first school builds for 4 to 7 age kids with 6 classrooms and The second school build for 8 to 16 age children with full-time teachers.

“Education is the crucial stepping stone in serving people in developing nations improving their quality of life”, is said by Yusuf A. Necessary, President and Founder of Zam Zam Water.

South Africa's entrepreneurs

The South African people start the new business to earn more money. They build the exchange site like Paxful to gain more attention from people.

South Africa is a bit ahead when we speak about crypto, I've noticed, that's nice!

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