Get top class buds of weed from [email protected] i got my order and it was perfect there stealth is top class and
there speed at delivery is also fast 4 days to uk. I got 60grams from them for 2 ounces and i got
some samples from them of there other strains and all are dank stinky super buds all AAA, I got my
order without any problems and here is there link for anyone looking to order from a top team
of professionals as i did.

Thank you very much for this hook up guys thanks very much, I got my order from them today placed order on Monday Here Friday. Great stealth very safe and secure posted directly into my letter box by my normal mail man. The buds are very big very good trim job done on the buds and a lovely flavor from the strain bubble gum its top buds that i got its blown my mind away that i can order now online instead of going to the corner block or some other run-down shit hole to get my buds ill be ordering from them from now on that is a fact.

Put another order in today from this team and i should expect it within a few days. So happy days ill be looking forward to getting my next order as everything went perfect the first time.

Thanks for this people. I have got my order from them in 5 days and it came in super stealth 3 different layers of stealth and you cannot feel the buds inside as its airtight and x-ray proof and smell proof, They told me that there is 3 different places for packaging one for the first and second layer then over to the next place to wrap it up in another layer of stealth so even a sniffer dog cannot smell anything inside its done that well. I put another order in today from them and i have no worries about not arriving as my first order came without any problems. They are professionals that is for sure you can tell by the way the stealth is done its proper and very safe, I was not even home when my order came as i was at work but it was on the floor inside the house when i got home and i was super happy because everything worked out perfect, Plus they even helped me get some bitcoins as i had no idea how to get them but they helped me out big time they are very friendly staff. Will be looking forward to my next order. Thanks again for this hook-up you have no idea how much this has helped me out.

Another few orders have landed to my address by these vendors. They take complete care of you when you are ordering i have to say they are fantastic vendors and selling at these prices really lets you make profit from there ounces. Order with confidence from these vendors.

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