Will Crypto end in the future?

No doubt it is the high time to invest some digital currency market. But I have a doubt in my mind. Are cryptocurrency and blockchain technology are here to stay? Or not?

I have some questions for the experts, They are:

  • Do you think someday cryptocurrencies will end?
  • When is the ideal time to invest in the crypto world?
  • Which coin should I buy as an investment?
  • What is your favourite Altcoin, and why?

Looking forward to your expert answers.

I can see the bright future of Cryptocurrencies.

I will say no. Due to the recent events this year, we can see that there is a high chance of cryptocurrency dominating the money supply.

Cryptocurrency and Blockchain technology is here to stay. That’s the future and there's no doubt about that. I'm a pro-cryptocurrency person but this has not stopped me from wondering how this technology might be used maliciously in this future that we are all looking forward to. I keep asking myself will this technology at some point be used to serve the interests of those that benefit and earn from our personal information? What is likely to happen if world governments began using blockchain technology to surveillance money?

The era of the digital currency in the 20th century was the outcome of the digital world and there is no stopping its birth as the money system, bank system and digital system come together in the real world and that is why I am sure that Crypto will not end in the future but rather will continue to diverge and the two will exist together.

Four Cryptocurrency Futures: How Bitcoin, Blockchain Could Transform The Financial System.

@mk-hasan said in Will Crypto end in the future?:

Four Cryptocurrency Futures:

Yet much like millennials will never have a landline, a coming generation might do without bank accounts thanks to secure, peer-to-peer cryptocurrency transactions. Blockchain technology and the vast new crypto wealth have opened the door to four cryptocurrency futures that could usher in a new financial order.

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