For investors in the blockchain field, the wallet of digital asset currency can be said to be a very important tool because it is a safe and important safeguard for storing digital assets. Many investors buy digital coins and keep them in their wallets. Therefore, blockchain investment is risky and it's more risky not to know how to use your wallet safely.

The wallet in our life, no matter how fancy it is, it is often very convenient to operate. Even Alipay wallet and WeChat wallet have been deeply integrated into our daily life by snatching red envelopes or combining with online and offline business scenarios. Digital currency wallets are different. At present, the using threshold for ordinary people is very high, and the application scenarios are limited.

In the context of the rapid rise of digital assets, the demand for secure storage of digital assets has been driven, and the digital wallet industry has ushered in a development opportunity. According to Statista, the number of global digital asset wallets exceeded 20 million in the first half of 2018, a very rapid growth. But for most people, digital currency wallets are still a newborn thing.

In fact, the narrowest definition of a digital currency wallet is a tool to store private key. In a broad sense, it should include basic functions such as digital asset balance query inquiry and sending transactions. Although there are still issues such as single functions, unclear patterns, and even security issues.

However, from the perspective of future development, the digital currency wallet will not only be the entrance to the blockchain world, the financial attributes will also be strengthened day by day. It is expected to become functional portals such as multi-asset integrated management portal, DAPP application portal, token right of use, income rights and other functional portals, its importance deserves attention.

Here, I recommend a well-known electronic wallet for everyone - T-ark wallet. Founded in 2018, based on the fourth-generation block chain technology and the high-level security protection function, it greatly reduce the loss of assets caused by hacking attacks, it has reached a in-depth strategic cooperation with Newbuy Mall, the world's first cross-border e-commerce company to support the settlement of tokens , all the tokens in the wallet can be consumed in the mall, and constantly stimulate the value of the token assets. The various measures not only ensure the value of the token, but also bring enough confidence to the users !

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