Bounty for ICOs

I joined the airdrop for BRD as mentioned in this thread last night. It took me an hour and a half to meet their criteria after having to redo a few things that weren't clear. If I was doing it just for the income, I wouldn't bother, but I was curious.

Part of that process was a retweet, and it doesn't give you the opportunity to add a disclaimer. So I just posted a tweet after it letting my followers know I was participating in an airdrop. Not that I think I was at any risk. Just to be fair to them. I agree with @AfriDylan that it is extremely unlikely that retweeters will ever go to court.

Thanks @CryptoQueen for the telegram link. I just followed the first one and now I've got candy. Apparently I'll be able to swap it for Linfinity tokens(link affiliated to me I think) in June. It was much faster than the BRD sign up.

@cryptoqueen As for me, bounties are much better than airdrops. In airdrops usually you get very small amount of tokens. I don't remember big airdrops. May be recently Gladius did one (still didn't receive tokens, they should come soon) - that was interesting one, as there was option to test your internet speed, etc. etc. The maxium there what person could earn is around of $100, but I think most came to the level of $30.
This was interesting because I was interested in Gladius as the project.

In other airdrops I received some tokens which don't cost anything. And sometimes if you need to do registrations or KYC to get some minimal amount - that's a bit annoying.

While in bounties, especially in signature bounties on Bitcointalk forum it was (and still is) possible to earn good amount.
For example in Remme's campaign (which I wrote about recently) $150-300 a week for only making 15 posts.

So in this case I would say I prefer bounty than airdrop. In terms of legal, if you need to do post/retweet for airdrop it's the same as you do it for bounty..

@Flodner I believe that sharing information is crucial in order to grow on the crypto space. I will be regularly posting bounties that am engaging in. Let's try and share such information to help each other build portfolios that will bring smiles to our faces in the future. @timmarsh thank you for this thread. Let's keep updating it with bounties that are ongoing. It would also be nice if we also shared our experiences with these bounties.
Speaking of which, @Flodner , is the Remme's bounty campaign over?

@cryptoqueen Yes, it would be great to hear your opinion about ongoing bounties. I also can share some. Even though I stopped taking part actively in bounties - occasionally I might participate.
Espeically in article bounties, when the project is interesting for me and my readers - why not to post about it and have possibility to earn some tokens?

Remme campaign is not over, it's only recently started so you have time to take part in it.

Also this is great site which lists bounties
This was my best option to choose them. But I would say it might be first step - then I advise to check bounty and ANN thread and to check about the project.
Ideally people should take part in bounties when they believe in project.
Some projects consider bounty participants as part of a team and as investors.

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YOUnited To Bring the Concept of Fair Play to the Pitcher Perfect Stage

In recent years, there has been a shift from traditional casinos to online gambling platforms. The shift was due to some obvious reasons and the convenience it brought for people to play games from the comfort of their homes. Online gambling also provides additional privileges and bonuses that traditional casinos don’t. However, online gaming platforms are vulnerable to security threats and attacks. For instance, a few years back scammers were found to be using small cameras and computers to examine the order of cards and how they would play out.

But with the ever-evolving technology, and the introduction of the disruptive blockchain technology, the online gaming, and betting industry has become secure, transparent and fair. Leveraging blockchain technology, YOUnited has developed a one of its kind, decentralized online betting and gaming platform. The platform advocates a truly fair and social gaming environment that eliminates house interactions. The project strives to promote a ‘player against players’ approach where all winnings are distributed amongst the winners.

The Technology

YOUnited is built on the UNTD blockchain technology that works on a DPoS consensus protocol that ensures sustainability with a transaction fee of 0.1% and smart contract execution fee of 1% that is deducted from the final winnings. The platform also provides users access to 3 types of electronic wallets which are web wallet, desktop wallet and mobile app. Built-in digital exchanges are integrated within the platform allowing users to perform internal trading directly from their wallets.


Initially, YOUnited will be launching six games that will run on blockchain technology. These games are Lotto, Jackpot, Russian Roulette, YOUnited wheel, Dice and Rock, Paper, Scissors. The players will also have access to quick & skill games, sports betting and traditional casino games. The games will not have any house interaction or house fees and the players will play against each other. The winnings will be distributed amongst the players that win the game. The project also has an MVP of two lotteries and demo games that are currently in Alpha version.

The UNTD coin is the native coin of the platform that fuels the entire ecosystem. It will be used as a playing chip to place gets, enter a game or to pay for prize pools or affiliate program pay-out. UNTD is pegged at a price of 100 UNTD = 1 USD.

With this unique concept, YOUnited seeks to transform the ideology of ‘At the end of the day, the house always wins’ to ‘At the end of the day, a player wins’. With this ingenious project, fair play in gambling and betting is achievable.

For more info :

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