Hi, BlockchainForums member, this topic will introduce you to those who like to hunt cryptocurrency for free. You can work on assignments based on applicable requirements.

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What are Bounty Portals?
Bounty Portals is a bounty campaign management platform. Their work cycle is like this, clients or ICO projects collaborate with Bounty Portals for product marketing, Bounty Portals issue marketing tasks according to client approval, and Bounty Hunter can work on task at Bounty Portals platform. At the end of campaign, if all targets and marketing are successful, Bounty Hunter will get paid according to their job criteria. Payments obtained can be either token or crypto coin.

Here you can become a Bounty Hunter, which is in charge of promoting according to the relevant requirements.

For Bounty Hunter: Bounty hunter can join Bounty Portals, with specified specifications. They can find and choose tasks according to criteria. All calculations or data on their work will be saved and calculated automatically in several campaigns. Just create one account and in dashboard you can find all the campaign information in detail. Bounty Portals strives to provide a list of campaigns from quality projects that have good potential. All your data or payments are all stored safely, and will be paid according to the quality of your work.

Visit app.bountyportals to see a list of bounty campaigns and tasks.

Campaign assignments provided by Bounty Portals:
● Facebook Campaign: Tasks like likes, share and comments. All calculations will be done automatically.
● Twitter Campaign: Tasks like likes, retweets, tweets, and comments. All calculations will be done automatically.
● Signature Campaign: Use a signature and make a post in specified forum.
● Blog Campaign: Create articles about related projects.
● Translation Campaign: Translate whitepaper, website, ann thread to specified language.
● Referral Campaign: Invite people, and get rewards.
● and more.

For Clients: ICO projects or companies engaged in cryptocurrency can rely on Bounty Portals for the best marketing experience. Bounty Portals team seeks to filter quality jobs from Bounty Hunter. Bounty Portals have handled more than 40 projects with a success rate of 99%, you can see it at https://bountyportals.com/

Bounty Portals Team
The team consists of a collection of experienced people in their field, trying to make the best service for clients and bounty hunters. You can find profile of team on Bounty Portals website.

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If you are still confused, please join Bounty Portals community media below:

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